The new, bold ‘Bacardí Untameable Since 1862’ campaign launches in India today following the launch only in the USA and Mexico. Authentic, artisan, hand-drawn bat logos from 1900s inspire the new design

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Everyone has a story. The Bacardí brand and family’s story can be summed up with one word: ‘Untameable’. With more than 151 years of uncompromised passion triumphing against extraordinary odds, Bacardí is the rum brand with tales where the truth is better than any fiction. Fearlessly honouring its legacy, the brand with ‘Irrepressible Spirit’ written in its DNA has announced the launch of ‘Bacardí Untameable Since 1862’, a marketing campaign that tells the stories behind Bacardí rum, and its origins in Cuba, and inspires consumers to embrace life and live boldly to showcase their own ‘Irrepressible Spirit’.

The campaign highlights the challenges that the brand has faced since its founding in Cuba in 1862 and some of the hurdles faced by the Bacardí family:

  • Fire in 1880 that destroyed  Bacardí’s assets and facilities
  • Prohibition beginning in 1919 in the USA that hugely limited the bulk of the business of Bacardí
  • An earthquake in 1932 that led to devastation of the Bacardi distillery and warehouse
  • The Cuban revolutionary government confiscated the Cuban assets of Bacardí, leading to the Bacardí family’s exile from Cuba in 1960

‘Bacardí Untameable Since 1862’ is primarily designed to engage Millennials (Generation Y), who are coming of age in an uncertain risk-averse world; and to encourage them to pursue their passions no matter what – much like the Bacardí family did. Millennials are faced with tremendous adversities such as economic uncertainties, unemployment, etc., but they remain fiercely optimistic and believe they can make a difference. ‘Bacardí Untameable Since 1862’ connects Bacardí with truly passionate individuals within a common sentiment that ‘True passion cannot be tamed’.

Consumers today, in particular Millennials, want great-tasting rum, and they want to know more about the brands they choose. ‘Bacardí Untameable Since 1862’ is rooted in this authenticity and inspires consumers with compelling, true stories that focus on the triumphs of the Bacardí family – and the passion within all of us — that made Bacardí rum what it is today.

‘Bacardí Untameable Since 1862’ is the next chapter of marketing for Bacardí. The campaign brings forth a new visual identity and a typeface inspired by the Cuban Art Deco style of the early 1900s. Looking deep into the Bacardí archives to uncover the treasured, authentic, artisan bat designs over the past 151 years, the new logo is a creation inspired by Bacardí bat hand-drawn designs from the early 1900s. The new logo stays true to the integrity of the original symbol representing good luck, good fortune and family unity.

Bacardí will also be uniting and marketing light and dark rums under one singular global trademark idea – with similar branding, marketing campaigns, advertising and a visual identity across the world.

The campaign will have extensive presence in print, digital, OOH as well as television mediums. A brave and unprecedented digital road-block attempting to cover 50 million unique impressions in a single day is how the digital campaign launches in India. The campaign will be spread across all top social, video, music, sports, news and entertainment sites. The ‘takeover’ consists of exciting innovations across all digital mediums to further showcase Bacardí’s ‘Irrepressible Spirit’. The TV, digital and print ads will feature headlines such as ‘The Distillery Burnt Down. Our Passion Blazed On’ and ‘Exiled, Outlawed, Imprisoned and Always Free.’

The campaign will be supported by 30- and 60-second TV advertisements. The television spots, named ‘Procession’, because of the frame-by-frame timeline and sequence of events, were directed by award-winning Dante Ariola and star actor Jordi Mollà. The ads, filmed on location at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ouro Preto, Brazil, are highly stylised and have a blockbuster movie feel. The ads offer snapshots of the Bacardí history during prohibition, exile from Cuba, and showcase how the Bacardí family had the original irrepressible spirit to overcome earthquakes, fire, war and revolution—none of which could defeat their spirit, because ‘True Passion Can’t Be Tamed.’

The TVC:

Manish Seth, Director of Marketing & Sales, bacardí India, said, “We are proud to usher in a new era for Bacardí, with a focus on the brand’s heritage and legacy showcasing the unfailing determination of the Bacardí family. This campaign infuses the Bacardí brand with the authenticity of its origins, celebrates the incredible quality and craftsmanship of our rums and showcases a universally resonant attitude. bacardí now makes a compelling shift from associations with beaches and parties to a more personal association with our consumers. Bacardí takes an emotionally relevant stand while being distinctly masculine, and is unafraid to share it with the world.”

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