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The BBC is conjuring up another season of Being Human for 2013. The show — which hinges on a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together — lost two of its original leads following season 3, leaving only ghost Lenora Crichlow. But promoting frequent guest werewolf Michael Socha (This is England) to the main cast and adding unknown Damien Molony as the new vampire turned out to be less of a Hail Mary than a successful reboot. The fourth season opener on BBC3 attracted 1.2 million viewers in the U.K. — quadruple the number that watched True Blood’s British premiere, which aired the same night. “It’s always very sad when we lose characters,” creator-exec producer Toby Whithouse tells EW. “But it’s never terminal. To use our own mythology: As one door closes, another door opens.”

So what’s in store for the new season? Well, that depends on who makes it to and through this year’s big bang of a finale — which also introduces a possible new baddie — and even that isn’t a guarantee. “The future of Being Human is always slightly in a state of flux,” adds Whithouse. “Who knows what it holds for any of us.”

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