It has been revealed by Belinda Carlisle that she is trying to overcame her three-decade long struggle against cocaine addiction. At present the former Go-Go’s singer is promoting her new memoir known as “Lips Unsealed.” Also she disclosed that her life was hooked on cocaine.

According to Belinda she was drug addicted for 30 years with nine month off as she was pregnant. As a matter of fact, the singer lives in France along with her husband as well as son who will go to college soon. She supposes that it is due to wealth she managed to hide her drug addiction. Actually, she cleans up well. She is able to afford herself massages, dress nicely as well as facials. Butt all of that was a kind of mask that helped her fool herself that she is OK.

The singer participated in “Dancing with the Stars” during Season 8, due to which she managed to refuse from drugs. But it was not tradition methods, she made it on her own.

She made a decision that she would go to rehab in case her method did not work.  Actually, the singer had to choose betwen death or life, an the main motivation factor was her son. While making circuit rounds of her memoir promotion, she disclosed about her struggle with her depression.

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