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Bethenny Frankel has been very open about her marriage woes, documenting her troubles on her reality show, Bethenny Ever After — and in an upcoming episode the 41-year-old and her husband, Jason Hoppy, appear to reach breaking point.

As the two prepare to go on a family weekend away together, the subject of Jason’s birthday weekend rears its ugly head once again, causing all hell to break loose — and radio detection and has a video clip of the couple’s bitter argument.

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Bethenny bemoans the fact that Jason refuses to discuss the previous fight they had over his birthday, saying, “I’m really hurt by it — I can’t move on yet, he just wants to sweep it under the rug like it didn’t happen and it kills me.”

And then the knives come out! “You tell me my therapist….. I pay him to tell me what I want to hear, you can’t be the person that you really are,” Bethenny accuses her husband of two years. “Saying to me that ‘you’re going to end up all alone’ saying to me ‘you’re damaged.’”

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The mother-of-one then candidly shares with the camera: “I’m definitely at breaking point, I’m tired of being the only one who has problems, is the crazy one, everything is my fault, it just must be me. I just think Jason has to take responsibility for 50 percent of this relationship.”

Jason, however, doesn’t appear to agree and bizarrely, for someone who lives their life on reality TV, tells his wife, “If your intention is to go on this trip and air our dirty laundry I don’t think that’s fair to both of us or our relationship.”

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And then he really gets to the root of it: “You’re so worried about people thinking I’m this perfect husband — does that bother you so much?”

“Yes it does,” Bethenny confesses.

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“Yes it does? Then, then I’m done. I’m not going. I’m sorry, I’m not going, it’s not worth it to me,” Jason announces before storming off and leaving Bethenny holding their baby daughter, Bryn.

You can catch all the drama on the upcoming episode of Bethenny Ever After, Bravo, Mondays 9/8c.

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In the meantime, watch a sneak peek below:


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