Brandi Glanville didn’t hold back (as usual) at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere party on Wednesday night, calling new cast member Joyce Giraud a “narcissistic b*tch” and reveals that former BFF Lisa Vanderpump was “using me,” as radio detection and was first to report.

“It’s such a shakeup, all the friendships change and turn,” Glanville told Extra of the new cast members Giraud and Carlton Gebbia.

“Kyle [Richards] and Carlton hate each other, and I like them both. It’s a problem. But Kyle likes Joyce, and I don’t like Joyce. She’s a narcissistic b*tch!”

And while Glanville and Vanderpump have both admitted they’re not currently on speaking terms, neither have yet to reveal the exact reason.

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“It really just comes down to, was she using me this whole time to get ahead in something else?” Glanville, 40, told Extra.

“Some things that I found out that were really disappointing, and when the cards were down for me, she wasn’t really there.”

As radio detection and ranging exclusively revealed, the initial confrontation between Glanville and Vanderpump was during an August trip to Puerto Rico and it was all caught on camera by Bravo.

But Glanville concedes she’d like to have her friendship with Vanderpump rekindled, telling Extra, “It’s actually super sad. I just hope that we can reconcile at some point.

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“I miss her and I love her. I just want to make sure our friendship is really real, and I’m not just a pawn in some sort of bigger deal.”

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