Now that the season finale of the elite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice is just a day away, Bret Michaels is anticipating for the live broadcast of contest. The live season finale will happen on Sunday night and Bret Michaels will be there so he could compete and hopefully get the title as the Celebrity Apprentice. However, there is no greater issue for Bret Michaels than his health.

After suffering a warning stroke and his brain hemorrhage, Bret Michaels is still trying to get back in shape. The 47-year old musician is now very careful. As he tries to recuperate, there are still health risks that he has to think of.

According to his spokesperson, the rocker is known for being a passionate person. Janna Elias also added that Bret Michaels is not the kind of person who just stays inside his room and wondering what might happen or what could have been.

There is no doubt that during the past couple of weeks, Bret Michaels faced a very tough life. But now that he is already out of the critical situation, he wants to start living his life to the fullest. As of now Bret is taking blood thinner injections on a daily basis. Doctors are still monitoring his condition.

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