Carlton Gebbia sets the record straight about who her friends — and enemies — are in this chat with our friends at OK! magazine, and we’ve got all the details for you right here on radio detection and

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills resident witchy woman throws shade on her castmates Kyle Richards and Joyce Giraud for various actions and behaviors that rubbed her the wrong way, over the course of her first season on the Bravo hit.

“Kyle — there’s not that much love there,” Gebbia said. “Coming into the show, I didn’t have any preconceived notions of her. Maybe she thinks that I did …

“I think from the get-go, I got a lot of little signals about her which progressively got worse. And I didn’t take kindly to it. I think it has a lot to do with the way she manipulates who she is on camera.”

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Gebbia was less careful with her words when it came to her fellow Bravo newbie, Giraud.

“And then Joyce — who? — Irritant,” she said, adding that she thinks the former Miss Puerto Rico is “completely rehearsed” in her scenes on the Bravo reality show.

“We did go through one point in the season where we made up, but unfortunately, with a certain kind of personality like [she has,] it’s hard to be friends with someone who isn’t genuinely authentic,” Gebbia said.

Gebbia did have kind words for others in the cast, most notably talking up controversy magnet Brandi Glanville.

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“I think we have similar personalities,” she said. “I think we have the same viewpoint; obviously, there are some dissimilarities but I think [that] out of the cast members, we’re probably the most well-matched.”

As for her own place on the show, Gebbia teases a major display of emotion in coming episodes, along the lines of a meltdown.

“The circumstances were very negative for me,” she explained.

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Catch Carlton and the rest when The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Mondays at 8/7c.

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