“Miracle at the Mine” — it’s more than just a catchphrase adopted to describe an international ordeal. If Hollywood has its way, the slogan could be the title of a future telefilm or tell-all memoir.

Book and film spinoff deals are already being floated about the plight and rescue of the 33 Chilean miners that have captured the world’s attention since they were trapped half-a-mile underground on Aug. 5, Broadcasting & Cable said Wednesday.

According to the trade paper, multiple offers of book, movie, and exclusive interview deals have already made their way to the miners and their families — and the pay day’s could be rather impressive for a group of working class guys from Latin America.

Industry experts estimate that the rights to the miners’ story of surviving in a collapsed mine in Copiapo, Chile could fetch several hundred thousand dollars, and TV interviews could net up to $20,000 a piece.

If reports out of the UK are to be believed, a movie about the harrowing saga is already in the works with Spainard Javier Bardem playing a “pivotal” role in the production. We’ll keep you posted about that.

On Wednesday, all of Chile’s nearly three dozen trapped miners — who worked together to survive by exercising and rationing food — were rescued from the bowels of the earth in a special capsule wrapping up an extraordinary two-month survival story that has gawkers around the world calling the tale a miracle.

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