‘Die Hard’ Fan Art: Awesome Renditions of John McClane

Yipee Ki-Yay MovieFoners! There’s yet another “Die Hard” movie in theaters this weekend. John McClane has been kicking butt for 25 years now — long enough to pass the action hero mantle onto his son — and in that time his terrorist-stomping actions have also inspired a generation of talented pop artists who have immortalized the big-screen hero in a variety of stylish ways.

Check out the gallery below for the coolest, craziest and most creative renditions of John McClane in action.


  • ‘Die Hard’

    <a href=”http://spicercolor.deviantart.com/art/Die-Hard-Garry-Brown-265476336″><strong>By SpicerColor</strong></a>

  • ‘Die Hard’ Tribute

    <a href=”http://baung.deviantart.com/art/Die-Hard-Tribute-96746276″><strong>By Jafaris Mustafa</strong></a>

  • ‘John McClane’

    <a href=”http://daztibbles.deviantart.com/art/John-McClane-286499956″><strong>By Darren “Daz” Tibbles</strong></a>

  • ‘Hans Gruber’

    <a href=”http://face-in-the-sky.deviantart.com/art/Hans-Gruber-257826302″><strong>By face-in-the-sky</strong></a>

  • ‘Die Hard’ Poster

    <a href=”http://reinesince84.deviantart.com/art/Die-Hard-156393798″><strong>By Reine Rosenberg</strong></a>

  • ‘Die Hard’

    <a href=”http://stayte-of-the-art.deviantart.com/art/Die-Hard-151835457″><strong>By James Stayte</strong></a>

  • ‘Nakatomi Plaza’

    <a href=”http://phantomoftheruhr.deviantart.com/art/Nakatomi-Plaza-77071384″><strong>By James Martindale</strong></a>

  • ‘John McClane’

    <a href=”http://sayomadeit.deviantart.com/art/JOHN-MCCLANE-288137587″><strong>By Rosario Marineo/SAYO</strong></a>

  • ‘Powell on Duty’

    <a href=”http://deanius.deviantart.com/art/Powell-on-Duty-335624864″><strong>By Deanius</strong></a>

  • ‘Heroes: John McClane’

    <a href=”http://malevolentnate.deviantart.com/art/JOHN-McCLANE-93279926″><strong>By Nathan Milliner</strong></a>

  • ‘John McClane’

    <a href=”http://striffle.deviantart.com/art/John-McClane-214615847″><strong>By Scott Triffle</strong></a>

  • ‘John McClane of Die Hard’

    <a href=”http://ashcanallstars.deviantart.com/art/John-McClane-of-Die-Hard-by-Tyler-Crook-343576804″><strong>By Tyler Crook</strong></a>

  • ‘Die Hard’ Poster

    <a href=”http://popsterflicks.blogspot.com/2011/03/die-hard-duro-de-matar-popster-version.html”><strong>By Popsters</strong></a>

  • ‘John McClane’

    <a href=”http://scarsick.deviantart.com/art/John-McClane-321936752″><strong>By Mark Haldane</strong></a>

Our sister site, ComicsAlliance, makes a habit of spotlighting particular artists and/or specific bodies of work. For more awesome fan art, check out their feature Best Art Ever (This Week).

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