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Duane Chapman, more popularly known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, is “shocked and heartbroken” over the alleged abuse his nine-year-old grandson, Travis Jr. suffered at the hands of his father, Travis Mimms Sr.

As radio detection and previously reported, Chapman won custody of Travis Jr. after a shocking audiotape surfaced allegedly documenting a severe beating of the child by his own father.

The A & E reality star released a statement Monday detailing his feelings over the shocking incident, and begging Travis Sr. to seek help for his anger issues.

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“I was shocked and heartbroken to hear the recent reports of abuse of my grandson by his father, Travis Mimms, Sr.  I know Travis Sr. loves his son, and I know it’s very difficult to be a single parent at such a young age, but I love my grandson and only want what’s best for him,” Chapman said.

“During the last phone call I had with my daughter, Barbara Katie, she said to me, ‘Please, daddy, take care of Travis Jr.  Don’t ever let anything happen to him.’

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“To hear the audiotape of my grandson being abused was torture. We all hope and pray that Travis Sr. will be able to raise his son with the love and respect he deserves, because it’s in everyone’s best interest for them to have a proper father-son relationship.”

Star magazine obtained the horrifying tape on which a man alleged in court to be Travis Senior is heard yelling at a young boy, who sources say is Travis Jr. The chilling tape captures what Dog’s family alleges is the boy being hit 13 times and crying, as the man curses him and erupts in anger.

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In a dramatic scene late on October 21, police removed the child from the custody of his father and handed him over to Chapman, who was with his wife Beth and daughter Lyssa. Approximately seven police cars descended on the Mimms’ residence.

Chapman, star of the A&E reality TV series that follows his bounty hunting adventures, told Star magazine exclusively that he was deeply saddened by the events but did what was needed.

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“I don’t want to take my grandson’s dad away from him,” Chapman told Star. “I want him (Travis Senior) to take parenting classes. We had to get Travis (junior) out of that situation.

“I was beaten by my father, too. But we have to break that cycle.”

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On the shocking audio a man’s voice booms: “Bend over, bend the f**k over. You know what to do.” That man, alleged to be Travis Mimms seconds before administering a beating to his son.  Two loud smacks are heard immediately after the cursing.

The man then bellows: “Move, move” and a child is heard crying. The sources identify the child as Travis junior.

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As the sounds of an apparent horrific beating continue, the man yells “Move your hand. MOVE IT!” The child cries, “No more daddy, please.” The child can be heard crying and in distress at various points on the recording.

Dog’s wife, Beth Chapman told Star magazine exclusively: “This is all about protecting a little boy, not about hurting his dad. We’re doing what we have to do. We want Travis Senior to get help.”

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Star magazine previously broke the story on radio detection and that Travis Mimms obtained a restraining order last week against Dog, his wife Beth and daughter Lyssa. He claims they have been harassing him, accusing him of beating his child and slandering him.

But that preemptive strike came only AFTER both the police and Child Protective Services were notified with allegations that Travis was beating Dog’s grandson.

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Government statistics show that complaints to child protective services agencies alleging six million children were abused or neglected were received during 2009. “One-quarter of the CPS responses determined at least one child who was found to be a victim of abuse and neglect,” according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Contact local law enforcement or your state’s child protective services agency if you suspect a child is being abused or neglected.


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