Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Seventh Season

Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Seventh Season


(Comedy Series) Standup comedian Ray Romano stars as Ray Barone, a successful sportswriter who deals with his brother and parents, who happen to live across the street. Patricia Heaton (“The Goodbye Girl”), Peter Boyle (“While You Were Sleeping”), Doris Roberts (“Remington Steele”), and Brad Garrett (“Gleason”) round out the stellar cast. DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Four optional audio commentaries (“Counseling,” “Just a Formality,” “Meeting the Parents,” “Baggage”) with series creator Phil Rosenthal, Ray Romano, Chris Elliott, Monica Horan, Anna Romano Fred Willard and writers Mike Royce and Tucker Cawley.
Deleted Scenes
The seventh season of Everybody Loves Raymond serves up a delightful mix of comedy and pathos as the Barones deal with cults, theft, marriage, and death. The season opener (which aired on CBS in 2002) starts where season 6 ended: with Debra (Patricia Heaton) and Marie (Doris Roberts) feuding, and Ray (Ray Romano) and Robert (Brad Garrett

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5 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Seventh Season

  1. Review by S. Mattimore for Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Seventh Season
    I picked up the 7th season and immediately popped in Disc 5 to see the Bonus Material and watch the infamous Robert and Amy wedding episodes. However, unless something is wrong with the Disc i was very disappointed when i learned that you cannot watch part 2 without either watching part 1 or manually skipping over it. Also, it appears that the final scene in part 2 does not include the other character’s being introduced onto the dance floor to join Robert and Amy – I would like to hear from others as to if this is accurate. And the blooper reel seems to be shorter than in prior seasons.

  2. Review by mwreview for Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Seventh Season
    I enjoy watching all the seasons of Raymond. In Season 7, some of the episodes became a little more serious and the fighting a little more heavy (“Pet the Bunny,” “Robert Needs Money,” “Marie’s Vision”), which is why I’m giving it 4 instead of the usual 5 stars I give for this excellent series. The first episode concludes the storyline began in Season 6 where Debra and Marie stop talking that I think was a little overly petty and silly even for them! There are still, as always, excellent episodes here; my favorites being the ones with Amy’s parents. Also Robert and Amy finally get hitched, so it is an important season. What was up with the theme song and segment? Yuck! Too much repetition and stupid scenes! Fortunately, it’s not shown on every episode.

    Disc 1

    “The Cult”: This episode concludes the “Mother’s Day”/”The Bigger Person”/ “The First Time” issue from Season 6 where Debra and Marie stop talking to each other because Marie got bent out of shape when Debra wouldn’t drop everything to let her kids tell knock-knock jokes in front of her friends. Robert can’t handle the tension between his mom and sister-in-law, so he joins a group called “The Inner Path.” This phase doesn’t last long, so they use it to bring together the bickering broads. The whole 4-episode-long storyline was really reaching and the ending lame.

    “Counseling”: Raymond and Debra have an even more heated argument than usual over cleaning the house and then they find out their friends are seeing a therapist. When they make an appointment, Raymond knows all the right things to say which exasperates Debra. Then Raymond makes a shocking confession.

    “Homework”: Raymond goes on a crusade against the mountains of homework Ally’s getting since Debra is making him help her.

    “Pet the Bunny”: Another emotionally charged episode. Raymond gets a head start on his father’s eulogy and Frank goes mental over a story about him petting a bunny.

    “Who Am I?”: Raymond isn’t having fun hanging around the guys anymore and Debra is hopeful he’s finally growing up. Then she thinks he may have grown up too much when he starts going to his father’s lodge.

    Disc 2

    “Robert Needs Money”: Robert is down on his luck so Raymond and Debra give him $1,000 and then regret it when he decides to use the money to go to Vegas. Boy do Ray and Deb get mad at him!

    “The Sigh”: Debra guilt trips Raymond into giving her their bathroom and Ray begins to think he has no place of his own.

    “Annoying Kid”: A couple Raymond and Debra are friends with have a son who drives Ray crazy with his robot games. The guy who plays Neil the father (Craig Anton) is really hot!

    “She’s the One”: Robert thinks he has found the perfect woman until Raymond finds out something very peculiar about her. This one was weird!

    “Marie’s Vision”: Marie gets glasses and notices flaws in everybody. Then she gets in a fight with Frank and calls what they have a “loveless marriage” which really sets Frank off. I’m not sure what triggered Marie into saying something that would ignite such an emotional outburst, but the story gets very serious very fast.

    Disc 3

    “The Thought That Counts”: Robert gives Raymond the perfect idea for a birthday present for Debra and takes all the credit in typical Raymond fashion. Very strange how well Robert knows Debra yet gives his girlfriend stupid ice show tickets. Hmmmmm.

    “Grandpa Steals”: Ally sees Frank making a scene in the grocery store after he was caught eating bulk trail mix and is uncomfortable around him.

    “Somebody Hates Raymond”: Raymond finds out a famous radio personality hates him and it’s eating him up as to why. Robert gloats over it until he meets the jerk. I like how Robert sticks up for his brother in this one.

    “Just a Formality”: Robert wants to marry Amy but the task of asking her father for permission proves more than a formality.

    “The Disciplinarian”: Debra is angry at Raymond because he always makes her be the bad guy when it comes to setting boundaries for the kids. Raymond is afraid that, no matter what they do, their kids are going to do crazy things like they did. I like the Jethro Tull concert mention (I love that band!). When the family gathers to discuss important issues (i.e. “Talk to Your Daughter” from season 6) is usually when the episode fizzles for me as their conversations are often so silly.

    Disc 4

    “Meeting the Parents”: Amy and Robert are having brunch for Frank and Marie. Surprise! Amy’s parents show up. Good one!

    “Sweet Charity”: Debra gets Raymond to volunteer at the hospital and Ray is angry when Robert takes Traffic Cop Timmy and makes fun of him.

    “The Plan”: Ray convinces Robert to screw up his wedding invitations so Amy won’t ask him to do anymore work. Unfortunately, they get mailed. Another good one!

    “Sleepover at Peggy’s”: Ally is spending the night at Peggy’s-the Girl Scout Nazi–and a fanny-touching incident makes him think she has the hots for him.

    “Who’s Next?”: Ray and Deb have a discussion as to who they’d pick for each other if they died. The infamous Harriet Lichmann makes an appearance. It ends up being an argument at the funeral.

    Disc 5

    “The Shower”: Debra drinks too much at Amy’s bridal shower and is picked up for DUI when she’s found napping in her car. I didn’t know you could be arrested if your keys are in the ignition and you’re not driving.

    “The Baggage”: Deb and Ray have an argument over who should unpack a suitcase that’s been sitting on the staircase for three weeks.

    “The Bachelor Party”: Ray throws a bachelor party for Robert that is lame so his family makes him organize a second party that may prove disastrous thanks to Amy’s brother.

    “Robert’s Wedding Parts I & II”: Robert’s wedding is almost ruined by a little speech courtesy of mother dearest (what a surprise).

  3. Review by Steve for Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Seventh Season
    I recently spent over $50 on two sets of ELR season seven (one for my parents, one for myself) and watched the entire season over Thanksgiving, only to discover that the climactic two-part episode of the season – “Robert’s Wedding” – has about ten minutes of material cut from it. Anyone who checks the time of the two-part episode will verify this – it runs barely 31 minutes when it should run at least 40-42. How this could have happened is beyond me; even the syndicated version of “Robert’s Wedding” contain the portions edited in the DVD release. Some have already referred to the edits in passing, but it’s worse than what these make out.

    I’ve done some searches online to see if HBO Video can be contacted about it, but of course, many Google searches have turned up nothing so far. Here’s hoping that someone from HBO home video reads this and is the slightest bit concerned with selling a flawed product, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

    I thought TV to DVD was the greatest thing in the world at one time, but as more and more series are released to DVD with syndicated cuts of episodes, the more I feel like never buying another set of any series until I get verification that every episode is complete.

  4. Review by MollyRK for Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Seventh Season
    In the case of many television series that last as long as “Everybody Loves Raymond” did (nine outstanding seasons, to be exact), a considerable slump in the writing and a decrease in passionate acting are to be expected some time after the youthfulness of the first few seasons have passed. With this groundbreaking show, however, Season 7 contains as much momentum as any previous year in its run, and an entertaining crop of episodes are available for fans in this upcoming DVD set.

    “Raymond’s” seventh season maintains the similar low-key, hilarious formula without going overboard for “better” ratings–an impressive trait that has left the series as one of the classiest contemporary shows you can hope to find. This 2004-2005 year opens with the Barones taking drastic actions to clear up the Debra/Marie feud that left everyone hanging at the end of Season 6. From there, Robert starts dating a girl who seems perfect until the family learns about some of her strange snacking habits, and Frank has a heart-to-heart with little Ally after an incident at the supermarket finally shows him how his behavior impacts his grandchildren. There is a special wedding proposal (complete with lots of squad cars and Marie-style shrieks), a few important invitations get botched (compliments of guess who?), one of the Barones lands in jail (here’s a clue: it’s the very last person you’d expect), a suitcase on the stairs temporarily interrupts the flow of daily life, and the Robert/Amy relationship finally receives its overdue glory in a humorous and equally touching 2-hour season finale. Oh, and don’t forget that this is the year that we meet Amy’s family for the first time–which, in itself, is more than enough said for fans 🙂

    With this DVD set, the same side-splitting bloopers will be available, as well as select-episode commentaries for “Counseling,” “Meeting the Parents,” “Baggage,” and “Just a Formality.” (I was surprised they didn’t do a commentary for “Robert’s Wedding,” since that was such a special landmark episode, but the ones they picked were still good.) Some new voices on those commentaries will include Anna Romano (none other than Ray’s real-life wife) and Monica Horan, whose priceless facial expressions and sweet demeanor make Amy McDougal a welcome new regular in the show’s star lineup. Be sure to listen also for Fred Willard and Chris Elliot, who portray Amy’s hilarious know-it-all father and weird-as-sin younger brother. That being said, Season 7 is the typical entertainment that you would expect from Raymond. An impeccable script, brilliant acting, and that on-the-nail connection with real life make this what it is–top-notch quality that you will want to remember forever with these DVD releases. And the best news of all? Some of the best is still to come with Seasons 8 and 9, both equally wonderful and well-written. The entire series should undoubtedly be out within the next year, and that is some of the greatest television you could ever preserve.

    Note: As another reviewer here has already pointed out, the classic “Robert’s Wedding” episode (and the first season finale of the series that isn’t a flashback sequence) does NOT include the short epilogue that shows all the main characters joining Robert and Amy on the dance floor. It’s a very short scene but an important one, and I was disappointed to see that they left it out. Aside from that, though, everything on the DVD looks pretty good. As always, the commentaries are one of the best reasons to purchase the DVD’s. Not many television series offer this option on their DVD releases, and “Raymond” does this for about 4 episodes every season. Ray Romano and Phil Rosenthal have had consistent enthusiasm with every commentary track they’ve done, and they’re a pleasure to listen to.

  5. Review by Patrick Gilchriest for Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Seventh Season
    The seventh season of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND will always hold a special place in my heart because it is the first season I started seeing when the new episodes would air every Monday night on CBS. The first six seasons I saw via re-runs and the DVDs because I didn’t get into the show until this season. Therefore, I am particularly excited to see this season being released on DVD. Here is a breakdown of the episodes that will be on this set:

    1. The Cult– Raymond and Robert go to extreme measures to try and solve the feud between Debra and Marie that began at the end of season six.

    2. Counseling– After getting an idea from their friends Linda and Bernie, Debra decides that she and Raymond need some marriage counseling.

    3. Homework– Frustrated by the amount of homework Ally gets (since he’s the one stuck helping her with it), he confronts the teacher about it, who invites him to present his case in front of the school board.

    4. Pet the Bunny– As a challenge, Ray decides to write a eulogy for Frank, which helps to reveal a softer side of the tough guy.

    5. Who Am I?– Ray fears that something is wrong with him when he goes out for a night with his friends and tells Debra that something is wrong with him. Debra, who thinks Ray is finally “growing up,” is shocked to learn he wants to join his father’s lodge.

    6. Robert Needs Money– When Robert says he is strapped for cash, Ray and Debra give him a gift of $1000, only to be shocked to find out later that he is going to use the money for a Las Vegas vacation.

    7. The Sigh– Ray gives full control of their bathroom to Debra to give her more space, but quickly regrets it after teasing ensues from Robert and Frank.

    8. The Annoying Kid– While Debra is thrilled to have met a couple that she and Ray can be friends with, Ray is less than thrilled about their spoiled, annoying 8 year old son.

    9. She’s the One– Robert thinks he has finally found “the One” girl, Angela, with whom he might be able to spend the rest of his life. However, trouble ensues when Ray notices her at their table eating a fly that she killed after dinner.

    10. Marie’s Vision– Marie gets new glasses and with her better eyesight, she starts noticing and pointing out physical features on her family members that make them extremely sensitive.

    11. The Thought That Counts– Robert gives Ray an idea of what to get Debra for Christmas, but is upset when Ray takes all the credit for it.

    12. Grandpa Steals– Ally is frightened when she watches Frank samples some trail mix in the grocery store, despite the sign that forbids sampling, and yells at the salesman who confronts him to accuse him of stealing from the store.

    13. Somebody Hates Raymond– After his friend Andy lands a job with a famous sports radio talk show host, Ray is shocked to learn that this man does not want him as a guest on his show because he hates him.

    14. Just a Formality– Robert decides that he is finally ready to propose to his on-again-off-again girlfriend Amy, but when he asks her ultra-conservative religious parents for her hand, he is turned down. (A CLASSIC episode!!!!)

    15. The Disciplinarian– Tired of always being labeled as the bad guy with the twins, Debra makes Raymond force the twins the clean their room, and his failure to do so prompts a family discussion of what it means to discipline your children.

    16. Sweet Charity– Debra encourages Ray to do some charity work at the local hospital, but becomes upset when Ray becomes a hit with the patients and starts spending more time at the hospital than at home.

    17. Meeting the Parents– When Amy’s parents arrive at her doorstep to talk her out of marrying Robert, they meet Frank and Marie. It’s not long before the two sets of parents start disliking each other. (Another classic episode!)

    18. The Plan– When Robert is put in charge of the wedding invitations and consults Ray and Frank for help, they encourage him to do a bad job on purpose so that Amy won’t make him do any more to help. Unfortunately, the bad invitation is the one that accidentally gets sent out.

    19. Sleepover at Peggy’s– Ray takes Ally to a sleepover at a friend’s house and is mortified when the mother Peggy, who is the same troop leader who beat him up in season six’s episode “Cookies,” pats his behind.

    20. Who’s Next– After Marie suggests the idea when an elderly woman down the street passes away, who Marie had chosen for Frank in the event she died first, Ray and Debra pick replacement spouses for each other, but jealousy isn’t far behind.

    21. The Shower– Debra throws a bridal shower for Amy, but Marie’s interference makes her angry to the point of drinking too much. While waiting for a ride home from Ray, an officer carts her off to jail. Without a driver’s liscence, Debra must rely on Marie for help.

    22. Baggage– Ray and Debra end up in a two-week standoff over who should move a suitcase that is sitting in the stairwell, prompting Marie and Frank to offer advice on how to resolve the situation based on their own experiences.

    23. The Bachelor Party– Ray throws a lame bachelor party for Robert, and is prompted by the ladies to throw him another one to make up for it.

    24. Robert’s Wedding (parts 1 and 2)– Robert and Amy get married, but as is always typical with the Barone clan, things are never destined to go smoothly…including Marie standing up at the part where the priest says “If anyone can think of any reason why these two should not be joined, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

    I am thrilled over how consistent they have been with the Raymond releases. I think it’s safe to say we’ll have the complete series by summer 2007 next year. Buy season 7 and continue to enjoy this classic sitcom that truly serves as a microcosm for the modern American family. You won’t regret it, I promise!

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