Ke$ha’s former managers want to get a piece of cake as she has become famous. Managers say that she managed to squeeze them out of her career. But according to her lawyer Dr. Luke she took advantage of her rights and fired the managers.

In 2006  Ke$ha signed a contract with ex-managers DAS Communications Inc. According to the contract she had to pay 20 percent of her music income to the New York-based firm.  She was provided with an opportunity to end the relationship in case DAS did not receive her major-label record deal within a year.

After the year has passed, no deal was signed as Ke$ha waived the deadline. For that reason it was decided to sign a deal with Warner Bros. In 2008 ties to DAS with Ke$ha were cut as Dr. Luke interfered.

As a result, Ke$ha signed a contract with  RCA/Jive Label Group, due to which her first album was released, called “Animal.” The album was co-produced by Dr. Luke.

According to the lawyer of Ke$ha, she had the right to quit the relationship with the firm which is headed by David Sonenberg. Actually, the lawsuit that was filed against her requires to pay him commissions on her deal with RCA/Jive record.

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