the-strain-billboard-worm-eyeball-fx.jpgFX’s new drama
“The Strain” is about a viral outbreak of vampirism and comes from creepy horror master Guillermo del Toro. One of the promotional images for the grisly news show features a worm wriggling out of an eyeball — an image the network decided to plaster on billboards all around Los Angeles.

After social media outcry — not only are the images icky for grown-ups to think about, they’re also potentially terrifying for children (and also quite distracting for drivers) — the network says it’s taking them down.

“We are in the process of replacing the key art for ‘The Strain’ on outdoor media in several locations,” a FX spokesman says in a statement to

No word on how many ads and which locations will be changed, but drivers within eyeshot of the gross signs will likely be pleased with the news.

“The Strain” premieres July 13 on FX.

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