October 28, 2011

Universal Pictures has plans to develop the George R.R. Martin superhero anthology Wild Cards for the big screen through their partnership with Syfy, says a story at The Hollywood Reporter. Now featuring over 20 volumes of short stories, the series is described by Martin on the official site as follows:

“‘Wild Cards’ is a shared world anthology series, set in a universe where an alien experiment unleashed a deadly virus on the human race in 1946. The virus kills nine of every ten victims, and twists and deforms most of those who survive (the jokers) but one in every hundred gets lucky, and is gifted with the proverbial powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men (the aces). Superpowers, in other words. Edited by George R.R. Martin (thats me) and written by a consortium of twenty-odd (some very odd) wonderfully inventive and talented science fiction and fantasy authors, the ‘Wild Cards’ series made its debut in 1987 with a book titled, appropriately, ‘Wild Cards’.”

In addition to the anthology books, Wild Cards has been explored in comic books and in a role playing game adaptation.

Martin, best known for his “Game of Thrones” series which is enjoying tremendous critical acclaim with its HBO adaptation, notes that the film version will feature a contemporary setting, but isn’t yet revealing what stories will be incorporated to the initial film. It is being eyed as franchise, however, and Gregory Noveck, Syfy Films’ senior VP of production, notes that the property could expand to television as well.

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