Workplace Romances — They can turn a perfectly fine automobile into a sardine can.

Drama has hit the set of one of television’s most popular dramedies as actress Naya Rivera battles rumors that she trashed the ride of co-star ex Mark Sailing after learning that he has been bedding other women behind her back.

A source tells Us Weekly Magazine that Rivera, 23, was so upset by reports that her on/off boyfriend Salling has been seeing other girls, she gathered up a posse of her galpals and did a number on his Lexus. Those in the know say Rivera and Co. hurled eggs and “keyed” Sailing’s luxury whip, creating a Cold War between the former lovers.

“She went crazy when she read about other girls. When Naya found out, she and some pals trashed his Lexus.”

Salling’s rumoured new girlfriend, singer Samantha Marq, insists the actor did nothing wrong, as he and Naya — who plays snooty cheerleader Santana on the hit musical dramedy — were never exclusive.

“He’s on top of the world right now and living it up,” Samantha retorts. “Besides, it’s hard to call it infidelity when they weren’t officially together!”

Shortly after reports of the car-keying hit the web on Wednesday, Mark sent out a pair of updates from his Twitter account blasting Us’ scoop: Silly rumors, we’re the best of friends,” he wrote, linking to a playful image of he and Naya on set.

“Btw I don’t even drive a Lexus,” Mark added a short time later.

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