Just when you think you’ve seen the last of Ted Williams and his porcelain veneers….

The homeless Columbus man with a voice of gold became America’s Most Lovable Doper since Charlie Sheen when he and his booming radio annoucer’s voice were thrust into the national spotlight thanks to a video that went viral on YouTube last month. Now Williams is poised to talk his way into your good graces once more. This time in the form of a TV reality show.

William has “inked a deal” to appear in Second Chances at Life, a docu-series that will document his rags to riches story and his struggle to balance addiction management with a drive to rebuild his career. A proposed second season could feature other folks down on their luck looking for a second shot at their careers.

After appearing on The Dr. Phil Show last month, Williams checked into a Texas rehabilitation facility only to check out just two weeks later, against the advice of medical staff. In a subsequent interview with CBS’ The Early Show, the recovering alcoholic admitted that he was unprepared to handle the media blitz that came with his fast rise to fame, which ultimately spurred a physical altercation with one of his nine children. According to TMZ, the show will be shot in three different locations: Brooklyn (Ted’s hometown), Ohio (where he spent years living on the streets) and Los Angeles (where he lives now).

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