Tying up with Sony, Intel and Logitech, Google is planning to develop a Google TV soon. It is a project under which all the concerned companies wish to make a technology for making navigation of web programs simply via TV. This Google TV would show a new picture of entertainment through TV sets or set-top boxes.

The sources say that Google aims to begin its TV platform based on its Android OS for Smartphone to software developers. Basically the project is all about bringing web apps, services such a Twitter and Google search to your TV screens from where it would even be possible to download games and several other softwares.

Being involved in this development, Logitech is going to build a keyboard outfitted remote control like the latest Boxee remote.

The set-top boxes incorporating this new interactive interface would consist of Intel Atom chips.

The Google has already created a prototype set-top box which is much expected to be integrated with the Google TV platform directly. It is also expected that Google is going to produce a tool kit to develop applications very soon.

These days the Web-based TV sets are mostly used by the people to watch YouTube videos, stream movies from applications such as Netflix or watch online photo albums. Google had launched Google TV Ads three years ago and now the new Google TV is expected to strike our living rooms soon.

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