Three decades ago, Harrison Ford was part of the Empire Strikes Back and played the role of Han Solo. This is a part of the trilogy of the historical and legendary Star Wars. During this time, Harrison Ford was very much aware of the reputation of his co-star Alec Guinness as one of the legendary actors during that time.

Harrison Ford was 37 when the trilogy was filmed. During those days he thought that Alec Guinnes was a wonderful old actor. The 67-year old movie veteran said that in a recent interview during the 30th anniversary of the renowned intergalactic movie. The anniversary screening was hosted at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles. The proceeds of the show will go to the patients confined at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

But when Harrison Ford started to ponder and do the math, he realized that the age of Alec Guinness during the filming of Star Wars Trilogy was 6 years younger than his current age. That means Guinness was only 61 that time.

Meanwhile, being a part of this historical movie series, Harrison Ford said that his children did not changed their perception about him. When he was young and his kids were still 10 and 12 years old, they did not thought of him as a movie star. They just think of him as their father.

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