Whoa! Nineties heartthrob Joey Lawrence is nursing a ripped cornea (Can you say ouch?) after being hit in the eye with a script during rehearsal for his new Melissa Joan Hart-assisted ABC Family show, Melissa & Joey.

Guess Joey’s got a good eye when it comes to spotting scripts!

The former child star was injured Thursday morning when someone was hugging his co-star Melissa and she accidentally jabbed the actor in the left eye with her script. Joey was immediately rushed to the hospital but is expected to recover. In fact, he was feeling well enough to send out a few Tweets later that evening. The star also posted a photo showing his eye swollen and closed shut.

“got hit in the eye yesterday mrng by accident [on] the set and it ripped my cornea,” Joey Tweeted. “Trying to heal so I can do the show tmrw and be ok!“

He later added: “Thank you for all your well wishes my tweeters! I’m in some pain right now but trying to heal quickly….Thank you again for all your love! I have the greatest tweet peeps in the world!! Xoxo”

The former star of sitcoms like Blossom and Gimme a Break will reportedly be back at work tonight.

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