A few months ago, notoriously outspoken guitarist John Mayer was accused of using his motormouth to offend masses of Black women. These days, he’s hitting his blog to come to the defense of one.

Mayer is rallying behind R&B legend Anita Baker after the famed alto received some heat over her throaty rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” ahead of Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Boston last Thursday night. The “Clarity” crooner “feels badly” that Anita has been “Caught Up In The Rapture” of controversy over the performance and discusses the difficulty of nailing America’s anthem in a blog post titled “Degree of Difficulty: 10.”

Mayer writes: “I feel badly that Anita Baker is taking flak for her performance of the Star Spangled Banner at game 4 of the NBA Finals. That song is technically one of the most difficult songs to do justice to, and it’s almost always performed in high-anxiety situations. I know Francis Scott Key is known as the song’s composer but I have reason to believe it was actually written by an evil Texas Instruments graphing calculator. Musically speaking, it’s wide-spanning note intervals and narrow window for embellishment makes it a daunting task, one that I will probably never attempt myself. It’s like ‘Happy Birthday’ but with more to lose. There are only two possible outcomes of singing the National Anthem; either do it enough justice so that it can be quickly forgotten about or fall short of the well known chalk line of hit vs. miss and be remembered as someone who ‘botched’ it.”

John ends the post with an reassuring note to Anita: “Sing on, Ms. Baker.”

How do you think Anita did? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the Comments Section!

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