As the recent reports inform, a court in Lima dismissed Joran van der Sloot’s claim to consider his confession to be false and retract it because the judge regarded that request baseless. We’ll remind the readers that Stephany Flores, a business student, was killed in Peru and Joran van der Sloot admitted that he was her murderer.

The 22-year-old suspect’s attorney stated that he will help the police to organize Joran van der Sloot’s re-interview which will be carried out in conformity with the law. The lawyer added that it is obvious that the previous admission in the severe beating of a student should be invalidated as it was taken under duress. In other words, there took place a violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights.

The attorney announces that the court decision taken on Friday will be appealed by him and he will claim the confession stand to be let to Joran van der Sloot.

De Telegraaf, the Dutch newspaper, published Joran van der Sloot’s words concerning his confession on its pages. It says that the star was so confused and scared when he was interrogated that he started to panic and signed all papers given to him even without reading them.

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