If it concerns the prying lenses of the paparazzi, Katherine Heigl turns for help to her fellow, Sandra Bullock.

According to Katherine, when it comes to doing as well as saying something the actress thinks what would Sandra Bullock do? Actually, the actress is known for speaking her own mind in interviews.

In fact, Katherine does not know Sandra personally but she considers that Bullock is one of those who is well-spoken, charming, gracious, as well as funny woman in Hollywood.

It should be mentioned that Sandra and Katherine have become the target of many paparazzi for the recent months.

According to Katherine, one can feel overwhelming when you become the focus of attention. At that very moment a person may feel conscious. But still paparazzi are not nice as they always want drama and in order to achieve it they will do or say something.

Sandra Bullock was amazed by the fact how much money paparazzi get from other people’s pain. The actress also wished laws in the U.S.  as in the UK. where it is not allowed to take pictures of children.

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