Don’t try this at home, ‘Crunchers — but a replica of Lady Gaga’s meat dress is been created and is for sale by a Manhattan steakhouse for $100,000.

Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York’s swanky Meatpacking District has created their own 85-pound, steak-frock inspired by the Franc Fernandez creation the outre “PokerFace” hitmaker wore to last month’s MTV Video Music Awards.

The little bloody number donned by the pop diva was the most searched for celebrity costume of 2010, according to
When a check of local costume shops came up empty, Marc Sherry, owner of the Old Homestead, says he became so fascinated with Gaga’s protein outfit that he made it personal mission to recreate the carnivore couture, this time making it a cut above the rest.

“Well, we saw Lady Gaga on the VMA Awards, and it was very tacky,” says Sherry. “In fact, the designer Franc Fernandez, he put no thought into it. And I want it to be just not a cheap skirt steak. I wanted it to be something a cut above.”

The dress consists of a vestment made of porterhouse, leggings from rib eye and kobe beef boots, all stitched it all together using butcher’s twine. The “garment” is accessorised with a necklace of marrow bones topped with a 32-ounce rib eye chapeau.

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