Lindsay Lohan creates headache to the judiciary by not making her performance at the review hearing. She gives lame excuses for not appearing the court.

The most recent excuse is that she lost her passport at the Cannes Film Festival and that she has already reserved for the trip. This is not been approved by the judge Marsha Revel who blame Lohan for her track of not keeping the scheduled appointments. They consider this issue as severe irreverence to the judiciary.

An arrest warrant has been issued against Lohan at a bail of $100000, however any person on an active warrant may be arrested when they passes through the customs. It is doubtful that the star may get arrested as soon as she reaches Los Angelis. The judge ordered severe restrictions on Lohan to completely restrain from alcohol and be subjected to drug testing once a week.

Lohan has been ordered to wear a alcohol monitoring bracelet and is imposed with tough probation. Lohan is given one more chance to present herself to the court and violation may lead to punishment up to 6 months and to present in court, the details of her reservation for the last hearing.

This is the second warrant against her and will be in probation till August.

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