It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Caped Cokehead Lindsay Lohan!

Out of work and facing possible felony theft charges in the disappearance of a $2,500 necklace, Lindsay Lohan has begun a campaign to land a role in Warner Bros’ Superman reboot.

Lohan’s management team has had “multiple conversations” with the studio about having the scandal-prone starlet star as Supergirl (a role originated by Heather Morris in the 1984 box office comedy) in Zack Snyder’s comic book blockbuster. Lohan is eager to put her legal woes aside and “show people again how talented she is,” an insider told this week.

Henry Cavill will take on the title role when Superman opens in theaters in 2012. Rosamund Pike, Alice Eve and Diane Kruger have also been named as potential female leads.

Let’s hope LiLo isn’t expecting a letter of recommendation from lensman Matthew Wilder.

The Inferno director says he’s relieved Lohan is no longer attached to play late pornstar Linda Lovelace in his project. Wilder had a tough time when Lohan her never-ending legal woes constantly threatened to torpedo the project. Now that the former Mean Girl’s facing the possibility of up to three years in state prison if she is charged with and convicted of felony grand theft, Wilder’s taking a sigh of relief that he dumped the star in the nick of time.

“To tell you the truth I have a total sense of relief because the reality is we would never have got our movie made if Lindsay Lohan was still attached to it,” he told this week. “We are now due to start filming in New Orleans in April with Malin Akerman instead of Lindsay Lohan and everybody cannot wait. Despite everything that happened with Lindsay I would be horrified if she went to jail and to tell you the truth I just feel sorry for her because sadly she has some real issues to deal with,” Wilder added.

“..I can now just look forward to making our movie without any distractions and that just couldn’t happen when we were involved with Lindsay Lohan.”

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