It has been spread by tabloids that Matt Bellamy, Muse rocker and at the same time Kate Hudson’s beau, has plans to meet Goldie Hawn, Hudson’s mom.

The Muse frontman shared with the Daily Mirror that he is really nervous concerning this forthcoming meeting which will take place next week.

He smiles that it is, of course, too early to talk about their wedding and the stuff like that. He requests the reporter to ask this question to him several months later. He proceeds teasing the journalist and says that he will let the press know how his next week’s meeting will end up. And then, who knows, may be their wedding will be much sooner than everybody expects it to be.

32-year-old Matt Bellamy and 31-year-old Kate Hudson appeared for the first time as a couple a month ago.
The rock star reveals to the Mirror that everything is going great and he is extremely happy. He adds that they spent such a perfect time at Glastonbury. According to him, both of them have been trying to preserve their love relations in secret and that is why they haven’t revealed to anyone the story how they met and further private information.

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