It is expected that Matt Damon will appear in a late-season episode of “30 Rock.” Such news was reveled due to reports of Michael Ausiello who takes credit for the casting.

It was confirmed by E! News that Damon would appear in “30 Rock.” According to reports Matt Damon who is considered to be Oscar winner is going to play a love interest for Fey’s character, i.e. Liz Lemon. At present just only one episode is guaranteed, but still it is hoped by NBC that there will be a multi-appearance arc in case Damon could manage to find the time.

In fact, the collaboration of Damon and Fey is not regarded as the first. Actually, they reordered their voices to characters in the English language of the latest Japanese animated film known as “Ponyo.”

Also Damon hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2002 at that time Fey was a co-host of the “Weekend Update” segment and he was a writer for “SNL.” He also had a sitcom role of a straight actor pretending to be gay on “Will & Grace.”

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