Glee star Matthew Morrison calls rumors that he is dating co-star Lea Michele “laughable.”

Last week, Morrison’s former bride-to-be — All My Children actress Chrishell Stause — allegedly told Star Magazine that she dumped the 31-year-old actor after growing suspicious that he was cheating on her. Stause’s rumored quotes set The Gossip Wire ablaze with whispers that Morrison may have been secretly hooking up with Michele, 23.

Morrison — who plays teacher Will Schuester on the TV musical — denies any romantic relationship with Lea, a Broadway alum currently involved in a steamy romance with a young theater star.

“It’s so laughable. There’s one about Lea and myself, and we were literally on set and I got a call from my publicist, and [Lea] got a call a minute later. And we looked at each other like, ‘What the f — ?’” Morrison told Parade Magazine. “And now there’s this one about my ex-fiancee going to the tabloids, which so isn’t true. I have a great relationship with her,” he explained. “I feel like I can handle this stuff because I don’t really care. I’ve never gotten into tabloids and I don’t really care about it now, but I just feel bad for other people in my life who are getting dragged into it. It just kinda sucks.”

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