Michael Douglas’s son Cameron is under drug charges and thus, he is going to get a 5 – year sentence. On this Father Douglas is saying as a good father that his son would have been dead till now, since age 13 he is not behaving soberly.

After this punishment he may start his new life and may improve himself or get rid of all the issues he had before. Cameron Douglas, 31, got arrested in previous consecutive year. He was caught allegedly dealing with methamphetamine.

Last month he has been finally sentenced to spend five years in jail for planning to sell crystal meth also, the heroine possession. The Oscar winner, father Douglas says that he might seized with the sense of responsibility.

He says that he may be a bad father as when Cameron was born he was new in his carrier, working in movies takes one all around the world, and you have to handle your children too. Somewhere he is right as career is also not a thing to be neglected, his son went wrong way may be due to the bad luck and ignorance of one’s elders but that no where proves Douglas as bad father, it was his career that was more important at that time, thus, switched to that initially.

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