Mindy McCready is planning to begin a new life by reclaiming custody of her son Zander. McCready was jailed in the year 2007 for violating her probation on a charge and her mother was made the guardian of her son.

The singer has been suffering from drug problems, long legal battles and sex life which earned much attention than her music. McCready has set aside all these things and is getting her selves ready for a new life. Jim Moon who represents the singer in the court has told E! News that his client would be appearing before the court on Wednesday to reopen the case.

Paper works for reopening the case has already started and the singer is already in possession of several recommendation letters. The attorney says that his client wish to reopen the case as soon as possible and wants to get united with his son quickly.

McCready needed to undergo many tests such as alcohol and drug evaluation, codependency counseling etc to determine whether she is a competent parent and has passed all these tests with flying colors. It would not be an easy sail for McCready as her mother and the child’s father would be taking stands against her in the court.

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