There’s so much crazy Star Wars stuff floating around online that some of you may have seen this already, though most of you probably haven’t. In this recently-discovered rare junket interview for The Empire Strikes Back, there are some fun anecdotes from the cast, like when Mark Hamill opens up the interview discussing plans for the prequels — which, in his mind, end with the transformation of Darth Vader, but will also include an “eight-year-old Luke playing in the background.” Hamill laughed off any idea that his young infant son Nathan could play Luke in the prequels.

But the prequels weren’t the only thing folks back then were talking about because, as of the release of Empire in theaters, George Lucas was planning on potentially extending the franchise and shooting three sequels too. At one point, Harrison Ford talks about the sequels, saying his character won’t be in them because Han’s story will conclude with the “third chapter.” Meanwhile, Anthony Daniels jokes at one point that his character may still be around for the sequels, saying he expects to be playing C3PO when he’s 60. (Funny thing about that is he’s 66 and he’s still playing C3PO.)

Some of the best anecdotes from the interview come from Daniels, who, paired with Harrison Ford, discusses the difficulties of playing opposite a robot. Also there’s some fun stuff from David Prowse (Darth Vader body), who admits that even he didn’t know what the big twist in Empire was until he watched the film in a theater. And director Irvin Kershner addresses concerns regarding the controversial (at the time) ending.

Check it out below …

Bobbie Wygant’s Empire Strikes Back Special from on Vimeo.

[via io9, The Official Star Wars Blog]  

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