Lost vet Terry O’Quinn is leaving the sunny confines of Hawaii Five-0 and getting back to some freaky stuff. O’Quinn, an Emmy winner for his role as John Locke on Lost, will star in the ABC pilot 666 Park Avenue, a supernatural drama about a spooky apartment building in New York City. Totally worth the poltergeists though because it’s rent controlled. O’Quinn will also be seen in a few episodes of TNT’s Falling Skies next season. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Giancarlo Esposito, who gave new meaning to the phrase OH MY GOD THAT GUY IS ACTING HIS PANTS OFF for playing Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, will guest star on Community. I’ll just let that sink in for a bit. Esposito will play a former business associate of Pierce’s dad. [Vulture]

… Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) has landed the female lead in the CW’s Beauty And The Beast. It’s a modern-day version of the CBS series from the 1980s and features procedural elements. Now let’s see who they cast as the Beauty. Ha ha, I kid. Kreuk is FWINE with a W. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Emmy-winner Jean Smart has landed the mom role in the ABC comedy pilot The Smart One. The series is about a woman (Portia de Rossi) whose prettier sister becomes mayor of the city. Smart will play the mother of two sisters. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Syfy’s Ghost Hunters is losing one of its main dudes. Grant Wilson, one of the men who founded the group at the center of the program, will be leaving the show after almost eight seasons of chasing specters, wraiths, and apparitions. Why is he leaving? Because after 20 years of searching for ghosts on- and off-camera and finding squat, wouldn’t you give up too? [Syfy via press release]

… Dania Ramirez, who cried black tears as a superpower in Heroes, has been cast as one of the central characters in Marc Cherry’s upcoming ABC soap Devious Maids. The show follows four Hispanic maids who want to make it big in Beverly Hills. Remember her power in Heroes? So lame. Seriously, just think about it. [Deadline Hollywood]

Rescue Me‘s Steven Pasquale will star in NBC’s Do No Harm, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type story about a surgeon with a dangerous alter ego. Pretty sweet role if the show makes it to series. But this is NBC, so it will merely be a stepping stone to something else. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Ryan Hansen (Party Down) will play the lead in Fox’s comedy pilot El Jefe. The show, from the creators of Aliens in America, will star Hansen as a 30-year-old who gets kicked out of his parents’ house and moves in with their cleaning lady. It’s like Rob without the unfunny part! [Deadline Hollywood]

… Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) will star in Partners, a CBS comedy pilot looking to make the schedule next season. The is about two guys whose friendship is threatened after one of them proposes to his girlfriend (Sophia Bush). Urie will play the one who doesn’t like girls. [TV Line]

… For some reason, Jenny McCarthy will host Season 2 of NBC’s Love in the Wild, a horrible, horrible show that’s part Amazing Race, part The Bachelor, and all infested with STDs. [EW]


The Colbert Report is taking the rest of the week off because of a family emergency in Stephen Colbert’s family. Let’s hope everything turns out okay. [Wall Street Journal]

Survivor premiered last night to its lowest-rated season debut ever. 10.79 million tuned in for a 3.1 rating among adults, but that was against American Idol, which easily won the night. In other news, Remodeled was watched by 4.6 million people and earned a 2.0 rating among 18-49ers. Oh wait. Decimal point in the wrong place. That should read 0.46 million and a 0.2 rating. Phew, that’s better. [TV By the Numbers]

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