Have you seen the posters for David Fincher’s adaptation of ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ yet? If not, what are you waiting for? One (my personal fave) features Rooney Mara’s profile silhouetted across half of Daniel Craig’s mug. The other, more scandalous, international poster shows a topless, pierced Mara with a grumpy-looking Craig embracing her from behind. And no, his hands aren’t covering her naughty bits, a la Janet Jackson’s iconic 1993 Rolling Stone cover. She is exposed.

Yet another version features Craig’s silhouette lurking in Mara’s puffy coif. The posters all play up Lisbeth Salander’s signature look — a look the world has become fascinated with. So fascinated, in fact, that H+M is set to roll out a Lisbeth-inspired line. Lisbeth would certainly not approve. Can you imagine her reaction to seeing hordes of trendy teens sporting her bad-ass threads? Mass-producing a counter-cultural look really defeats the point of it all, doesn’t it?

The collective fascination with Lisbeth is undoubtedly contributing to the massive buzz surrounding the flick’s December release. So far, the marketing efforts building up to the release have done a great job of keeping the momentum going. I must say, the red-band trailer that came out in the spring is one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. Yes, ever. The cool posters are certainly doing their part, too.

After all, everyone loves a cool movie poster. Just ask Drew Struzan. The prolific artist has made a very comfortable living creating some of the most memorable movie posters of our time, including work for ‘Indiana Jones,’ ‘Back to the Future’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘The Goonies’ and even ‘Cowboys & Aliens,’ starring Daniel Craig. (Clearly, Mr. Craig has been no stranger to appearing on cool posters this year.)

Movie poster buffs will be pleased to learn that UK publisher Titan Books has just released a stunning collection called ‘Oeuvre’ featuring some of Struzan’s greatest posters. It even includes a foreword by George Lucas, who shares some insightful observations about creating great movie posters: “Creating a memorable movie poster is always a difficult task. Developing poster art that stands on its own as a compelling piece of art can be nearly impossible, but Drew has helped Lucasfilm do just that for our movies.”

Given all the fuss about the ‘Dragon’ posters, we thought now would be an excellent time to run a gallery celebrating a master of the movie poster realm, Struzan. You’re welcome.

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