A upstanding paparazzo? Apparently, they’re out there.

The photographer who suffered injuries to her leg and foot when Paris Hilton’s businessman boyfriend Cy Waits ran over her foot with the wheel of his Bentley says she is “at fault as much as him” for the incident outside Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles Wednesday night.

The socialite and her beau — who was popped in Nevada for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana just last month — were driving away from a Los Angeles restaurant when photographers swarmed the couple’s vehicle as they were leaving. In the melee, Waits managed to clip the left foot of snapper Carol Williams, sending the photographer falling to the ground before he sped off into the darkness of the Los Angeles night.

“I admit I am at fault as much as him” adding that she shouldn’t have been “out in the middle of the street” in the first place, TMZ.com reported after an interview with Williams on Thursday.

“After he rolled over my foot, he rolled the window down and asked if I was fine … someone else answered for me and said ‘yes’ and he drove off.”

A spokesperson for the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department says Waits was cited for misdemenor hit-and-run pending investigation because he left the scene of the incident to drive Hilton home. However, police were aware that he was leaving and note that he did return to speak with authorities a short time later. Williams was treated for injuries to her leg at the scene and later transported to a local hospital.

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