Madonna, after a jam-packed weekend she documented on her social media pages, took a powder from appearing in a Manhattan court to serve jury duty on Tuesday.

A source told the NY Post that “a legitimate doctor’s note was received saying she is unable to attend” the jury pool, and that the Material Girl will be scheduled to attend at a later date.

The 55-year-old trendsetter raised eyebrows with the unexpected illness, less than 24 hours after she showed her family’s holiday celebrations, which included activities such as surfing, horseback riding and barbecuing.

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Those who did show up weren’t impressed with the “Express Yourself” singer’s perceived blowing off of her civil obligation.

Madonna “should have to come,” 36-year-old Danielle Alexandra told the paper. “It’s absolutely not fair.

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“Why should a celebrity get out of a duty that we have? If anything, people who have hardships should get out of it, not people with more money.”

The Material Girl’s last jury duty came six years ago in Beverly Hills; she did not serve on a jury.

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