Well, are you people prepared to know who won? So let me surprise you with the result then, the shocker is the only Winner, Seth Aaron Henderson had won it when everyone else had been expecting Emilio Sosa (E SOSA) to win.

The Project Runway finale has been lately won by the Seth Aaron Henderson who came as a good relief and surprising for the viewers too. Heidi Klum, one of the judge panels had been biased to Emilio and been taking Mila and Seth Aaron downtalking.

The guest judge, Faith Hill was even fond of Emilio. She was raving all the time about him and of course the stupid graffiti print made by him and he used it so as an extension of him to grow his name into a brand name, from now onwards only. It was Michael Kors who brought into notice to everyone that Emilio has bestowed clothing line more down the runway than a collection.

Nobody expected Seth Aaron to win especially from his ugly and horrible purple dress designing with the big bubble rump. He had been better before and I guess it’s his matured collection that brought into limelight that he will be able to do luxury.

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