Rima Fakih, the model and Miss Michigan was set to make history on Sunday evening. She is the only Arab-American model who was named as Miss USA after the legendary winner of 1983, Julie Hayek.

Faikh, a Lebanon by birth was brought to the United States by her parents when she was a child. Brought up in the city of New York, the family later moved on to settle down in Dearborn, Michigan in the year 2003. She has also mentioned to the pageant officers that her family believes in Christianity as well as Islam.

Ask her as to how she was feeling after winning the crown and marking history, you get a prompt reply, “ask me after I’ve had a pizza.”

The model, earlier this evening was almost in for a mishap which could ruin her career. She was about to trip over her evening gown but wittedly made up for it during the interview session. When asked a question about birth control and health insurance, the model was quick to reply that birth control is normal like any other medication and it does not matter that it is a controlled substance.

By winning the crown, Faikh succeeds the Miss USA of 2009, Kristen Dalton.

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