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Taylor Armstrong’s revealing and shocking memoir delves into the depths of depression she felt while married to her now deceased husband, Russell, and in a new interview she revealed the abusive things she claimed he would say to her during sex.

The 40-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star penned Hiding From Reality to explain how she handled her abusive marriage in front of the cameras. Taylor spoke to Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell Monday and said that her husband made her feel “unattractive” and even made disparaging remarks about her while they were in bed.

“He would make comments when we were sexual and you know about my weight…no woman needs to be criticized in that moment…criticisms about having sex with me is like ‘having sex with a skeleton,’” she claimed.

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Armstrong said that the emotional abuse remains with her long after the wounds from her physical abuse have healed.

“I think you can see my eye has healed, but these things are going to stick with me a long time and sometimes, the emotional can hurt worse than the physical almost,” she said.

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As radio detection and previously reported, Russell was found hanged at a friend’s house in August 2011 following a tumultuous summer where his wife filed for separation.

Monday morning on the Today Show, Taylor said she wrote the book to help other people in abusive relationships. “I got out way too late. I hope by others hearing the story they may get out sooner. When I wrote Hiding From Reality, I wanted it real and honest. Some of it was difficult to write. I love him to this day and miss him terribly.”


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