The Duchess of York apologized after a news report broke out that she took bribes for offering access to her former husband, Prince Andrew. Sarah Fergusons’ actions were taped by a reporter who promised to pay £500,000 as part of the deal and actually did make an initial payment of £27,600.

The news reporter approached Sarah by posing as a rich businessman and asked her help get access to the Prince. After the news broke out, the Duchess soon came out with a statement acknowledging her actions and said that she was sorry for everything that had happen.

Sarah says that she is under huge financial problems and this is the reason which induced her to commit such an action.

When the news broke out, Sarah was in Cannes with her eldest daughter attending Naomi Campbell’s 40th celebrations.

Sarah was married Prince Andrew in 1986 and they have two children. The couple separated in 1992 and finally divorced in 1996. Sarah was living along with her daughters in Andrew’s residence and there are some unconfirmed reports that she has offered to move out of his residence.

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