Plop In Your Earplugs: Spencer Pratt’s back…and he’s brought new music that could soon find its way into an upcoming Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) ad campaign.

Gosh, we hate being the bearer of bad news!

In the months since The Hills faded into the dusk and ended its run on MTV, Spencer and his nipped/tucked wife Heidi have earned a life by selling yawn-worthy stories about their depleted finances and money-management skills (or lack thereof) to the tabloids. But sadly for those of us who still retain full use of our hearing, the annoying duo haven’t lost their love for murdering the music industry…one nonsensical single at the time.

Interestingly enough, Spencer’s latest chuckle-inducing single, the deliciously-titled “Ain’t No Thang But a Chicken Wing,” has piqued the interest of KFC bosses, who want to use the uptempo rap-inspired single in a campaign touting its latest fried chicken deals. The song leaked online last month and is reported to have been part of a rap album by Spencer that was never released.

We suppose lyrics like: “Money ain’t a thing / Nothing but a chicken wing / Call me Mr. KFC / S dot P in the flesh” can be hard to resist.

KFC President Roger Eaton enjoyed the song so much that he wrote Pratt a letter — in care of — offering him an endorsement deal as the newest face and voice of the chain.

“We heard the song came out before it was fully cooked, and that you were just winging it as a first cut. So on behalf of the entire Kentucky Fried Chicken family, we want to make you an offer so good you can’t resist… We’re willing to help you tune up the track and even turn it into a tasty music video, featuring the Colonel himself. That is, if you’re not chicken,” Eaton wrote in a pitch that simply reeks of chicken puns.

We’re a few months shy of April Fool’s Day, so we suppose he’s serious.

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