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The ComingSoon.net Box Office Report has been updated with studio estimates for the weekend. Click here for the full box office estimates of the top 12 films and then check back on Monday for the final figures based on actual box office.

If you’re sick of all of our box office reporting on the mega-blockbuster Marvel’s The Avengers (Walt Disney Pictures) then you probably should stop going… Continue reading Battleship Torpedoed by The Avengers ' Third #1 Weekend

Battleship Movie

‘Battleship’ is not the most blatant toy commercial disguised as a movie.

“Battleship,” opening in theaters this weekend, tells the story of a brash young Navy officer who is swept up into a … blah blah blah. Really, the only thing that matters here is that, after throwing down money for a ticket, you can go out and

Last weekend, “The Avengers” clobbered Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” and earned some serious dough. But, we kind of saw that one coming. However, this weekend, Earth’s mightiest heroes might have some legitimate competition.

Peter Berg’s “Battleship” has been earning big bucks overseas and is making its debut this weekend. And if the alien-apocalypse film doesn’t completely steal audience’s attention, there’s Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest envelope-pusher “The Dictator” and the

If you think a movie based on the game “Battleship” is silly, you’re not alone. The folks at Screen Crush have just re-imagined “Battleship”– a film about an alien invasion — as a fight against classic board-game characters. (Enter Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly and the King of Candy Land.)

The spoof posters even come with catchy tag lines: Monopoly: “The Battle for Earth Begins at Go” and Jenga: “Attack the… Continue reading 'Battleship' Poster Parody: Taylor Kitsch Faces Off Against Rich Uncle Pennybags

The Ultimate 2012 Super Bowl Trailers and Commercials Page (Newest Spot: ‘Battleship’)

For those who may have missed one of this year’s Super Bowl trailers or buzzed-about commercials, we’ve collected them all in one spot for you to browse through and enjoy.

Teasers for Movie TV Spots

Battleship (May 18)

The Avengers (May 4th)

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (June 29th)

John Carter (March 9th)

Full Movie TV Spots

The Hunger Games (March 23)

G.I. Joe: Retaliation