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The voters have spoken and one channel lives to see another day! Congratulations to…

Never has a victory been so reluctant! Although Palladia isn’t as widely known as MTV, it still very nearly beat out its own parent channel! These comments sum it up:

FranVanster: “If it wasn’t for Awkward. and Jackass, I’d awkwardly choose Palladia, even though I’ve never watched it.”

GreendaleAlum: “Palladia… I guess I’m the only one who’s heard of… Continue reading What's the Better Channel: Science or Discovery Channel?

Portlandia: The Weirder, The Better

Much like the progressive movements it puts under the Microscope of Comedy, IFC’s Portlandia is simultaneously good for you and a tad bit annoying. Season 2 premiered tonight with more polish than much of Season 1, but “Mixology” still suffered from some of the same problems: It just wasn’t consistent. But that’s not a Portlandia problem, that’s an obstacle that even the best sketch shows face.

It may still be uneven… Continue reading Portlandia: The Weirder, The Better

mcdwhhaec018h 21 Reasons Why When Harry Met Sallys New Years Eve is Better Than Yours

If Garry Marshall’s star-packed disaster ‘New Year’s Eve’ proved anything, it’s that (like in life) the perfect New Year’s Eve is hard to get right. Moviefone has thrown out some of holiday’s worst on-screen moments and now, as the world readies itself for the big 20-12, let’s take a moment to celebrate the best: ‘When Harry Met Sally.’

Twenty-three years after its initial release, the Billy Crystal… Continue reading 21 Reasons Why 'When Harry Met Sally's' New Year's Eve is Better Than Yours

Ben Breedlove interview mom death Mother Of Teen Boy Who Made Heartbreaking Video Before Dying Says, ‘We Have Comfort He’s In A Better Place’


By radio detection and ranging Staff

Ben Breedlove’s mother Deanne has spoken exclusively to radio detection and rangingOnline.com about the tragic passing of her son on Christmas Day and the legacy he has left behind.

“We have comfort that he is in a better place,” the valiant mom said. “My husband Shawn and Ben’s siblings were with him when he passed but… Continue reading Mother Of Teen Boy Who Made Heartbreaking Video Before Dying Says, ‘We Have Comfort He’s In A Better Place’

Review in a Hurry: David Fincher brings a grand visual style to this readaptation of Stieg Larsson‘s novel, and the Trent Reznor-Atticus Ross score is what you would hope for. Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are fine in the leads, but when it comes to the actual plot… Continue reading Movie Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Isn't Bad, but David Fincher Could've Done Better