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Welcome back to the most epic internet battle since Kitten War, TV.com’s Throwdown! The last edition was a monster, and you all turned out in record numbers to voice your opinions on Fringe and Lost. This week, we’re tackling a broader topic, but one that has needed an answer for some time.

Moving pictures have long been thought of as the gold standard for Hollywood storytelling. In the ’70s, your parents… Continue reading TV.com Throwdown: What's the Better Awards Show, the Oscars or the Emmys?

Fringe A Better man.jpgBig, giant, enormous things happened on “Fringe” this week. Forget the rest of the episode. It’s all about the ending. And the ending of “A Better Human Being” is going to stick in your head forever. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, this is… Continue reading 'Fringe': 'A Better Human Being' brings back memories and gives us new alts

By radio detection and ranging Staff

Bobby Brown is expected to be in the pews Saturday at an invitation-only memorial service at Newark, New Jersey’s New Hope Baptist Church for his ex-wife Whitney Houston, despite the bad blood brewing between he and the singer’s family.

The Every Little Step singer, 43, flew into Los Angeles late Sunday to be at the side of his 18-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina, who was… Continue reading Bobby Brown Expected To Attend Whitney Houston's Memorial Despite Bad Blood With Family; Says Bobbi Kristina 'Doing Much Better'

The voters have spoken and one channel lives to see another day! Congratulations to…

Never has a victory been so reluctant! Although Palladia isn’t as widely known as MTV, it still very nearly beat out its own parent channel! These comments sum it up:

FranVanster: “If it wasn’t for Awkward. and Jackass, I’d awkwardly choose Palladia, even though I’ve never watched it.”

GreendaleAlum: “Palladia… I guess I’m the only one who’s heard of… Continue reading What's the Better Channel: Science or Discovery Channel?

Portlandia: The Weirder, The Better

Much like the progressive movements it puts under the Microscope of Comedy, IFC’s Portlandia is simultaneously good for you and a tad bit annoying. Season 2 premiered tonight with more polish than much of Season 1, but “Mixology” still suffered from some of the same problems: It just wasn’t consistent. But that’s not a Portlandia problem, that’s an obstacle that even the best sketch shows face.

It may still be uneven… Continue reading Portlandia: The Weirder, The Better