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Twi-hards will want to clear their calendars for this one. On Saturday, Nov. 5, at 7:30 p.m. EDT, Moviefone and Cambio will partner to bring you a live stream of the ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Q&A panel in Los Angeles at the official ‘Twilight’ Fan Convention. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and director Bill Condon will all be on hand… Continue reading 'Breaking Dawn' Convention Panel Live Stream: Moviefone and Cambio Bring You 'Twilight' This Weekend

One of the biggest disappointments when it came to The Phantom Menace (aside from the annoying Jar Jar Binks) was that they kill off one of the franchise’s coolest villains without letting us get to know him better. Darth Maul was a badass character, rocking the double lightsabers with a freakish appearance that made him look like an offspring of the devil. In my opinion, he… Continue reading George Lucas to Bring Darth Maul Back from Dead for ' The Clone Wars'

How does James Durbin feel about his unexpected fourth place exit on American Idol? “Sad, relieved, excited, not disappointed at all,” Durbin told EW backstage about 90 minutes after the results show was over. He added, with a chuckle, “Man, only nine other people can say they got fourth place on American Idol. That’s a great

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Does Dr. Drew have a point? Addiction expert and Celebrity Rehab head honcho Dr. Drew Pinsky — set to debut an HLN program of his own next month — dropped […]

Sofia Hayat,Sofia Hayat, a Britain-based singer-actor of Pakistani origin, rues the lack of professionalism in the Indian film industry, alleging some producers were unpleasant to her. India can churn out many hits like “Slumdog Millionaire”, says she, provided directors up the quality of their work. “I can bring more professionalism to the table. You need to […] Continue reading I can bring more professionalism to Bollywood: Sofia Hayat