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What Great Scenes Came Out of Bad Movies?

Darth Maul Fight in Phantom Menace What Great Scenes Came Out of Bad Movies?

This week marked the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters II, a sequel that very few people consider to be a good movie. Some us, though, don’t mind watching it for a few favorite moments, some of them involving Peter MacNicol, some involving Bill Murray, some involving Rick Moranis, some involving the river of slime. There are genuinely great bits in… Continue reading What Great Scenes Came Out of Bad Movies?

enlightened canceled hbo Enlightened came to a natural resting place, HBO saysHBO explained its decision to cancel “Enlightened” to the press Thursday (July 25). It had partly to with the show’s ratings, which didn’t move much in Season 2, but also with how the season ended — just right, in the opinion of HBO Programming head Michael Lombardo.

“I think the most important element to not going forward was we felt creatively, the story of Amy… Continue reading 'Enlightened' came to 'a natural resting place,' HBO says

You’re getting older. We all are. We can’t help you there, but we can make it more tolerable! Since one of the fun things about our slow march toward death is fondly (or even not-so-fondly) remembering the past, here’s a little dose of nostalgia for you.

army of darkness Youre Old: Army of Darkness Came Out 20 Years Ago TodayDo you say things like “Groovy” and “Come get some” and “Hail to the king, baby”? Then either an extraordinary coincidence… Continue reading You're Old: 'Army of Darkness' Came Out 20 Years Ago Today

fantastic fest 2011 poster Five Fantastic Fest Films That Came Out of Nowhere

There are always hot tickets at film festivals, the movies that everyone with a badge knows about and wants to see. At this year’s Fantastic Fest, everyone wanted to see A Boy and His Samurai because director Yoshihiro Nakamura is a festival favorite. Everyone wanted to see You’re Next and Sleepless Night because of the incredible buzz floating down from the Toronto International Film Festival. Movies… Continue reading Five Fantastic Fest Films That Came Out of Nowhere