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What to watch on Tuesday, October 25…

Happy Tuesday to you, your family, and friends, but not their family or friends because that’s just too many people right there. Unless you would be included in the aforementioned group of family or friends of your family and friends, because like I said, Happy Tuesday to you!

8pm, CBSNCISQuick question: Are there any Navy lieutenants left? Or have they all been murdered by now?… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: NCIS, Last Man Standing, and the History Channel takes on Zombies

lizzie-borden.jpgAnyone who went through a phase in junior high and read every book they could find on the subject has an opinion on the case of Lizzie Borden.

The Fall River, Massachusetts spinster was accused of killing her father and stepmother with a hatchet in 1860. Borden was acquitted but that didn’t keep her from being found guilty in popular opinion and a childrens rhyme… Continue reading Lizzie Borden took an ax ... to the Travel Channel

Chris Colfer: Disney Channel Pilot Writer!

Chris Colfer has sold a pilot that he wrote to the Disney Channel, according to Deadline.

The 20-year-old Glee actor penned the pilot about “a little witch who was taken in by a family after crash-landing from her broom.”

The Little Leftover Witch is based on the children’s book of the same name by Florence Laughlin.

Chris recently wrote an original screenplay… Continue reading Chris Colfer: Disney Channel Pilot Writer!

A Disney Channel spokeswoman confirmed a report in People that Demi Lovato, the star of Sonny with a Chance who took time out to seek help for personal issues, won’t return to the kiddie show that made her a star. The 18-year-old actress told the magazine that “it made sense for me to go ahead and

Crystal Clear Picture:

In preparation for the world debut of The Kennedys on ReelzChannel April 3, EW talked exclusively to Joel Surnow (24), the executive producer of the miniseries that was dropped by The History Channel in January. Before production on the 8-parter even began, a movement spearheaded by a Hollywood documentarian began to stop the miniseries. When you first began developing the miniseries,

Crystal Clear Picture: