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casey anthony 5 300 Casey Anthony Searched for Chloroform Once, Not 84 Times: Report

Casey Anthony

Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/Landov

Casey Anthony made a Google search for the word “chloroform” only once – not 84 times – says a software designer who testified at the trial.

The designer, John Bradley, a computer-forensics consultant and witness for the prosecution, testified on June 9 that Anthony’s computer visited the… Continue reading Casey Anthony Searched for 'Chloroform' Once, Not 84 Times: Report

AP ImageBy Alexis Tereszcuk – Radar Senior Reporter
In shocking testimony in court Thursday Casey Anthony’s mother testified that SHE searched for ‘chloroform’ on the family computer!
Casey, 25, is being tried for the first-degree murder of … Continue reading Casey Anthony’s Mom’s Shocking Testimony: I Searched For ‘Chloroform’ On Computer