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It wasn’t texting after all that caused the fatal car crash of Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon.. Although there was widespread speculation that Dr … Continue reading Heidi Montag Doc's Fatal Crash Not Due to Texting: Cops

Cops sought confession in Levy case through penpal

Police seeking a confession from a prime suspect in the 2001 murder of Chandra Levy of Modesto tried to establish a phony penpal relationship with … Continue reading Cops sought confession in Levy case through penpal

Teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber had a narrow escape in America, after police did not arrest the pop star for hitting them with a water balloon. The 16-year-old was accused of “inappropriate behaviour” before a Maryland State Fair concert, in Baltimore, last week. The Canadian heartthrob, who has nurtured a clean-cut image, was said to be [...] Continue reading Justin Bieber escapes jail after throwing water balloons at cops

Police have shot and killed a gunman who spent Wednesday afternoon holding three hostages in the lobby of the Discovery Communications Building in Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. James Jay Lee, a man with a history of mental illness and environmental extremism targeting the Discovery Channel, entered the building at One Discovery Place at approximately [...] Continue reading James Jay Lee — Discovery Channel Protestor-Gunman — Killed By Cops

”Piranha 3D” stars Kelly Brook and Jessica Szohr were pulled over by cops on their way to Las Vegas during a break from film shooting. Brook and Szohr were driving from the film”s set in Lake Havasu, Ariz., to Las Vegas for a little R&R, but ended up lost late at night at the Hoover [...] Continue reading When cops pulled guns on ”Piranha 3D” stars Kelly Brook, Jessica Szohr