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Actors Starring in Crazies Timothy Olyphant : David Dutton MORE@ crazies-trailer.blogspot.com Radha Mitchell : Judy Dutton Joe Anderson : Russell Clank Danielle Panabaker : Becca Lisa K. Wyatt : Peggy Hamill Budget: Twenty Million(US) David Dutten (Timothy Olyphant) is sheriff of Ogden Marsh, a picture-perfect American town with happy, law-abiding citizens. But one night, one of them comes to a school baseball game with a loaded shotgun, ready to kill… Continue reading THE CRAZIES 2010 Trailer [HD] ZOMBIES!!!

The Crazies

D27510 260x195 The Crazies

Here is the link to to film "The Crazies", the film takes place is a sleepy town in Idaho, USA. However things start going mysteriously wrong in this small town, and the film plays out all of these events, following the towns sheriff, David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant).


For those of you who cant be bothered to spend the cash, here is where you will learn the storyline of the movie, so you can still chat to your pals about it.

The towns sheriff has to shoot a man infront of the whole town at the local highschools big Baseball game, this starts a chain of events leading to the whole town being infected by the disease that has been spread in the towns water supply. The Governement interveens and David Dutton, (The towns sheriff) reenters the town to retrieve his pregnant wife. He sees friends fall, and his town destroyed.

Id rate this film 7 or 8 /10. Its quite original, and every scene is guaranteed a fright.

hTf847 260x195 Why Are Good People Dying? Who Cares.   The Crazies Movie Review

It didn’t seem possible, even in the post-modern entertainment rut the media finds itself, that the genre itself could ruin the movie, but it did. The current bleeding out of the film industry and its latest lazy offering to paying moviegoers, The Crazies, is a decent remake that has been ruined by the glut of zombie flicks. What was once George Romero’s cult film brainchild, has now converted people into the very monsters shuffling or sprinting across the screen.

A slight twist on the seemingly inevitable zombie apocalypse, The Crazies offers nothing new in the way of story or innovative death sequences. Originally made in 1973, the message of chemical accidents and government conspiracy had been poignant. The grandfather of the genre Night of the Living Dead, was more of an allegory for a greater message of racism and throngs of people lost to the clutches of consumerism or some sort of brain-washing, has now been feasted upon by the very beasts that were staved off in the movie.

Timothy Olyphant, from the award winning films, Hitman and The Girl Next Door, plays the Sheriff (insert forgettable name here) of a small mid-western town, attempting to make sense of the formulaic, over-produced gore-fest. After the movie wrestles some inconvenient dialogue and exposition out of the way, the good guys fight bad guys and gross stuff happens over and over again. What little bit of plot there is comes off as a nuisance that only moves the story from one shock scene to the next; scenes which were created simply to startle the audience. The Crazies plays off as: “X happens, Y happens and the Z happens, and then: oops the movie’s over!”

The lack of originality (despite it being a remake) has been rehashed time and time again, to the point where these movies are boring and redundant. When the lights come on, and everyone who was supposed to die is dead, it feels like the movie didn’t even happen. Lazy movie making is partially to blame. Remakes aren’t always a good thing, as Ty Burr from The Boston Globe notes that no one was asking for this movie to be made, yet it was done anyway.

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