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Veteran Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood has revealed that he purchased the Mission Ranch Hotel in his adopted Carmel, California because he couldn”t stand the thought of the place where he first drank a beer legally becoming an apartment block. The movie icon took charge of the historic coastal building in the late 1980s and admits […] Continue reading Clint Eastwood bought hotel where he first drank beer legally

Clint Eastwood has revealed he was offered the starring roles of superheroes Superman and James Bond, but turned them down.. . The legendary … Continue reading Eastwood: I was offered James Bond

Client Eastwood has revealed that he turned down roles like ‘Superman’ and ‘James Bond’ in his early career. The veteran actor said that he was offered a huge sum to take over after Sean Connery stepped aside from the world’s most famous spy’s role, but he refused. “This was after Sean Connery left. My lawyer […] Continue reading Clint Eastwood turned down ‘Superman’ and ‘James Bond roles’

The Clint Eastwood one-liner “Go ahead, make my day” has been voted the most iconic film catchphrase in a poll.. . One in five people taking part … Continue reading Clint Eastwood line 'most iconic'

Clint Eastwood has confessed his love for jazz music in a rare interview with musician Jamie Cullum. The Dirty Harry legend and Hollywood veteran became unlikely pals after the jazz pianist composed the main score for Eastwood”s 2008 drama Gran Torino. And the actor/director has chosen the diminutive star”s BBC Radio 2 show to talk […] Continue reading Clint Eastwood opens up about his love for jazz