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If there’s one big lesson to be learned in writer/director Ti West’s The Innkeepers it’s “be careful what you wish for.”  Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy), the last two employees left at the Yankee Pedlar, would love to get their hands on some real evidence of the rumored ghost that haunts the halls of their creaky hotel before the place closes down for good.  Luke has the… Continue reading 'The Innkeepers' FF Review: Edgy, Confident, Creepy and Fun

Who says edgy can’t be elegant? In today’s anything-goes fashion world, the most noticeable figures don’t follow anyone’s rules! If you’re ready to mix a little leather with your lace, take a few pointers from these famous icons: Lady GaGa No one combines edgy and elegant like Lady GaGa. While no one is recommending that […] Continue reading Edgy Like a Rocker, Elegant Like a Celeb: How to Dress Like These Stars